College Recruiting

Choosing a College

 The AACA understands that choosing the right college can be very difficult and maybe even confusing. Our AACA advisers will aid you in selecting the university that best aligns with your professional and academic career goals. 

Choosing a Team

 Will you start? When will you get to play? How many athletes have advanced to a professional career? The AACA is dedicated to our student-athletes starting their collegiate career as soon as possible. Our AACA advisors will assist in choosing the team that wants to see you succeed the most.  

Completing Your Degree

  We know everyone that plays on the collegiate level has had dreams of playing professionally since they were young. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to play professionally. The AACA is not only dedicated to elevating our student-athletes to a professional level but, we also want to see our student-athletes graduate and utilize their degree to shape a new career